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Advent Food Bank Challenge

During this advent season, our school family would like to give back to the community that we all live in. We are having a friendly, in school, competition to stock the shelves of the Strathcona County Food Bank with their most needed non-perishable items. Each class will be responsible for one item. You can bring in as many of this item as you would like!

Pre-School - Hot Cereal

ECS(A) - Jello powder
ECS (PK) - Pudding Powder
ECS (J) - Cake Mixes
1B - Rice Packages
1J - Side Kicks
1M - Instant Potatoes
2A - Pancake Syrup
2E - Pancake Mix
2H - Kidney Beans
3D - Jelly/Jam
3GZ - Individual Fruit Cups
3P - Hamburger/Tuna Helper
4R - Canned Meat (Chili, Salmon, Stew)
4D - Soup (Tomato, Broths)
4H - Canned Vegetables

If you wish to bring in other non-perishable foods (sugar, flour, quick oats) there will be boxes in the front foyer to accommodate these extra donations. All donations will be picked up on December 15th.

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