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Like Father Pierre taked about during the Ash Wednesday Mass, Lent is a time to sacrifice and give to those less fortunate. 

We will be having a Dictée-a-thon, just like a spell-a-thon, but in French!

Ask your aunts, uncles, parents, grandparents & friends of the family to sponsor you for the dictée-a-thon.

The money raised will go towards Free the Children so that they can send children to school in Kenya. Each 50 dollars raised will let one child attend school for the year. 

At Christmas we raised over $1000, which will let 20 children attend school, with the dictée-a-thon we would like to raise enough money to send another 20 children to school.

If each of us gave up #3.60 from our piggy banks during Lent, we would have enough to send those 20 children to school without hte help of our dictée-a-thon. Imagine what we are going to be able to do with the dictée-a-thon!!!

You have 2 weeks to practice your words, and raise donations. 


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