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GEEP E-Waste Challenge

Our wonderful school EPK will be participating the GEEP (Global Electric Electronic Processing) E-Waste collection starting in May 2016.  The purpose of the E-Waste Collection School Challenge is to educate students about electronics recycling and preventing those devices from entering area landfills.  All electronic devices with a cord or battery are accepted, except kitchen appliances.

A large yellow bin will be placed in front of the school for collections for the month of May.  It will be emptied by GEEP on a regular basis.  Bring your old electronic devices you no longer use and place in the Yellow Bin.  

This E-Waste challenge has received funding from Alberta Recycling Management Authority and is offering a cash prize to the top 3 schools.

GEEP is the largest electronic recycler in Alberta and Canada and they recycle and we recycle 97% of all electronics that we process including the dust. 

École Père Kenneth Kearns is very proud to say we are doing a great job at reducing our Carbon Footprint.  Currently we: 

  • Blue Bin recycle- co-mingle of paper, plastic, cardboard
  • Green Bin- organic waste
  • Returnables- we collect bottles and juice boxes as a fundraiser for our grade 4 students Francophone Camp
  • Black Bin- waste that can't be put into the other bins.
  • Staples Box- old or broken writing instruments

We are very proud to say, we have reduced our WASTE by 75%.  Way to go EPK family.

Help our wonderful school to continue to be leaders in Reducing, Reusing, Recycling and Recover. Yes, there are 4 R's.


École Père Kenneth Kearns Family


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