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Jump Rope For Heart

Wow EPK Family we have raised almost $8500 as of Jan. 29! We are #1 across Canada!

If you register at (Join us: Ecole Pere Kenneth Kearns) and get online donations, you will receive a free skipping rope! **Please note: the previous website (for Winter Walk Day) was the wrong website. If you signed up there, please know that you need to sign up here to help support Jump Rope for Heart. We will, as a school, be participating in Winter Walk Day in February.**

On January 28th students will participate in multiple skipping activities which will culmiate the fundraising for Jump Rope for Heart and as part of our Healthy Active Schools Initiatves.

If you would like ot volunteer to help during the day (Jan. 28th) please email: (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it).

Check out our quick video of M. Richard doing a skip off against one of our students. The teacher's won by 8 skips.

We will be participating in this challenge in January. 


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