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March 18-22, 2019

This week's Smore

Did you know that on Wednesday, March 20, French speakers around the world celebrate the French language in all its diversity. At École ÉPK, everyday with week will include a special activity to celebrate the fact that we are all learning French. On Monday, we will gather to kick off the week with an assembly. Then, student will decorate a paper T-Shirt that illustrates something in French. On Tuesday, all classes will pair up with another to read in French with a friend. On Wednesday, students will gather in the gym before lunch to sing French songs. Finally on Thursday afternoon, we will all gather in the gym to watch a movie in French. You are welcome to join us!

Mme Heather & Mme Carole are also hosting a English Scholastic book fair in the library this week. Come and see what new books are available. Over 50% of purchases will come back to the library in the form of new books. 


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