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One-to-One Device FAQs

Below are the questions raised:
  • If the battery isn't capable of lasting the full day, will they be exchanged for one that does free of charge?

    • Yes, if it is a defect with the unit, it will be exchange at no charge

  • Will we be dealing directly with the school on these or will it be a third party company in the event of any issues? In the event there is an issue, I don't want my child to be going weeks without one, not to mention having to arrange for service with an outside company.

    • Directly with ÉPK

    • The schools will be given a few spares so that you can exchange them quickly with the student, and return the damaged device to IT for repair or replacement

  • In the event of a bug or a technical issue will it be exchanged for free?

    • Yes

  • Will the Chromebook come with a protective bag for safe transportation to and from school?

    • We thank you for providing/using a bag, backpack etc. to transport the Chromebook from home/school. The Chromebooks are light weight and weigh less than a textbook.

  • What is the cost of a replacement in the event it was lost?

    • Replacements are $200

    • The school may allow 1 free replacement per student if the principal deems the situation warrants it. Part of our jobs together, home and school, is to ensure students understand their responsibilities in taking care of their school supplies and resources.

  • Will the school cover the replacement costs if the Chromebook is stolen from my children at school since this is out of parents control and their ability to make sure they are stored securely in the class room?

    • We have been working with technology in the classroom in a variety of contexts, and the only time technology is stolen is if students take them to places the technology isn't allowed to go. Technology brought and used at the school is for educational purposes only, and should not be going outside at recess time or used at lunch. With that, No, a leased Chromebook will be treated like a student owned device, of which the student is responsible for, in and out of school.

  • Will teachers confirm each child has their device daily upon leaving the school, being my children are 9?

    • It is the responsibility of the student to ensure he/she has what they need to do their work at home. It will be treated much like the agendas or homework preparing routines, where there will be a routine in class to help students remember the work/tools they need to do their work at home, and the ultimate responsibility is the student's.

  • In the event one child knocks another child's computer off of  their desk and it breaks, who will be responsible for the repairs and damage to that computer or tablet?

    • This is left to the teacher and principal’s discretion. We will need to look at each situation independently.


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