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Waste Reduction Week - October 17-21

We would like to encourage students to bring Waste Free lunches for the week. This will encourage them to eat fruits and vegetables and hopefully no packaged snacks.  This goes great with the Health Champions Rainbow Lunch!

EPK will participate in a fun contest during Waste Reduction Week, October 17-23rd this year. 
Shoes are a difficult item to recycle and were commonly sent to the landfill – until NOW!Strathcona County works with Soles4Souls to collect old shoes and keep them out of the landfill. Soles4Souls takes donated shoes and distributes them to where they are needed most. If they can not reused they are sent for refurbishing by small businesses in developing economies.
Here’s how the contest will work: 

  • Teachers will collect shoes from the students and give them a draw ticket for each pair of shoes they bring in. 
  • All of the draw tickets will be collected in the office and at the end of the week prizes will be given out. 
  • During the week of Oct 24-28th each school will be given a day to put their bags of shoes out front and we will come by and collect them.
  • We will add up and weigh all of the shoes to determine the results of waste diverted from the landfill.

Thank you for participating and keeping shoes out of landfills.


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