It's All About Family

ÉPK is well known for its strong caring, welcoming, and inclusive community.  Students in each grade family have many opportunities to learn, contribute, and grow together.  Our house system further develops friendships and mentoring opportunities by connecting students in all grades with each other, and with staff they do not normally get the opportunity to work with.  It's about bridging the gap and having fun while we do it.
Within our big family of ÉPK, we have smaller family units, called houses. 

We have:

La maison de cœur/House of Heart
La maison de paix/House of Peace
La maison de joie/House of Joy
La maison d'espoir/House of Hope

Many activities will occur throughout the year that will bring the houses together to build friendships, camaraderie, and an even stronger community.  As incentives, activities will also gain their houses points for opportunities to spend more time together (ie. recesses together!)
All students who join ÉPK will be part of two families, the larger ÉPK family and their smaller, cross-grade family called houses.

For the philosophy, ethos, and details about the ÉPK Houses, please click here

We are counting "points" weekly and at the end of the month, students in the winning house will get an extra recess.



Our Staff (2017-2018)

Mme Margaret Ostrem

T/Th: Mme Alisa Akkerman
Progressive: Mme Lisa Boychuk
Matin: Mme Monique Jean-Burns

1e Année
1A: Mme Manon Audet-Hanson
1J: Mme Janelle Tremblay-Butz
1M: Mme Marie May

2e Année
2E: Mme Carmen Emery
2LA: Mme Jesse Letourneau/Mme Karin Amyotte

2/3 Combiné
2/3 D: Mme Alana Desfossés

3e Année
3G: Mme Marilyne
3P: Mme Pankewich

4e Année
4H: Mme Hayden
4R: Mme Alicia Rudkowsky/Mme Monique Jean-Burns
4T: Mme Angela Tétreault 

Musique et Chaplain
M. Daniel Holden

Mme Sarah Polmo

Mme Heather Corbin

Assistantes Éducatives
Mme Carole Baillargeon
Mme Jana Hirschfeld
Mme Nadine Bonsant
Mme Kelly Grenier
Mme Tina Eggilsson

Facilitatrice d’Inclusion et Spécialiste de littératie
Mme Loraine Auger

Directrice Adjointe et Conseillère
Mme Lucille MacPherson

Mme Pamela Gravelle