Student interests will determine the Extra Curricular activities offered at École Père Kenneth Kearns.  Throughout the year, we will collaboratively build our programs.  A variety of activities will be offered as the year unfolds.  The following programs are back by popular demand.

ÉPK Chorale (Choir) - for grades 3 & 4.

Stamping Club - Grade 3 students make Christmas cards using stamps, stickers, and paper products.

Student Leadership -  Our Student Leadership Team consists of 10 grade 4 students who are enthusiastic about serving their school community. It is our desire that these students, through their experience on the team, will develop a positive attitude towards Social Justice and service to others. They will also have many opportunities to develop servant leadership and public speaking skills.

More clubs and activities such as intramurals happen at various points throughout the year.


Physical Education remains an important aspect in the promotion of the health and well-being of our young people. École Père Kenneth Kearns will follow Alberta Education's Daily Physical Activity Initiative as well as the mandated Physical Education program of studies.  The program is designed to enable students to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to lead an active, healthy lifestyle.  We invite you to visit the following link for more information. 

Physical Education Programs of Study