Our School

Grades Taught

Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 4


We are the only Catholic Kindergarten to Grade 4 French Immersion School in Sherwood Park.


Directeur/Principal: M Alyre Morin



Directeur-Adjoint/Assistant Principal: M. Daniel Holden


Where Faith and Education Meet.


With Christ as our ever-present teacher, in an environment rich in French language and culture, we ensure every child succeeds: personally, spiritually, academically.


Parents, staff and students work collaboratively, with Christ as our guide, to ensure the success of each student. Our efforts are focused on the individual needs of each learner.  We foster language learning in a faith-filled environment where students can lead a spiritually rich life. Students are encouraged to live out their faith through their words, actions, and interactions.

Programs and Services

French Immersion from Kindergarten through to Grade 4.

Facts and Figures

We have a staff of 25, and approximately 250 students.

Sherwood Park History - Catholic Schools History

Sherwood Park fifty years

At the opening of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Parish Priest Father Kenneth Kearns stated, "You never have a Parish unless you have a separate school." Inspired by these words, a meeting was held in Moe Salm's living room, where it was decided to form a school district. An almost unanimous vote by parishioners in November 1962 confirmed the formation of the Salisbury Roman Catholic School District (later changed to Sherwood Park Catholic Separate School District, and then to Elk Island Catholic Separate Regional Division).  (Adapted from the Strathcona County website).

It is due to Parish Priest Father Kenneth Kearns that Sherwood Park now has a Catholic School system.

Father Kenneth Kearns School

Schools in the Catholic School District have a history of sharing their space. In 1967, students from Father Kenneth Kearns School were housed at OLPH for 4 months until their school was completed. OLPH students attended in the morning and FKK students had afternoon classes!

  • Father Kenneth Kearns Catholic School was built in 1967.