Please refer to our school calendar for all upcoming celebrations as you are invited to attend each one.


Faith Day 2017

January 25, 2017, we enjoyed a day of expanding our knowledge of our faith.  We were joined by Face2Face ministries who made this great video of their sessions.


We also went outside to pray and enjoy God's playground, wrote wishes on rocks to help build an altar at Central Learning Services and we learned more about Saints and played with Dan & Ryan.

Easter Celebration 2016

Please see the photos at the bottom of this page. 

Bravo EPK Dance Team, Mme Gavin, Grade 4s, EPK Worship Band, Mme Beyer, and special guests Mr. Beyer, Mr. Spindler & Brother Joe.

Truly it takes a village!!!

Incredibly powerful Easter celebration today (April 18, 2016)! It moved many to tears of joy. Truly focused on renewed hope and the rejoicing of Christ's love! Alleluia!

Merci to Mr. Hunter who shared the video with us.

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Face to Face School Retreat is "An encounter with Christ through music and engaging activities."

Full day Faith retreat for all students, featuring Face to Face Ministries, supported by the REAL Foundation.

There were multiple workshops throughout the day for all students. Parents were welcome to join us for all day or for part of the day to fill up their cups of faith.

Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated with us today! What an amazingly faith-filled day.

A HUGE merci to Ryan & Sean from Face 2 Face Ministries - who presented in the gym all day and who made this amazing video!

The day included energetic worship workshops with Sean and Ryan from Face to Face Ministries, Mme MacPherson helped bring in the presence of Christ in the Chapel, Mme Gravelle helped us learn about Catholic symbols, Mr Wilsher celebrated Christ as the light of the world, and Mme Auger showed us how to pray to God through letters and prayer rocks.

ÉPK Advent Celebration 2016

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it out to watch our celebrations live. Here are bits and pieces of the celebrations. 

ECS AM&PK (3 minutes) - ECS AM&PK (3 minutes) - ECS AM&PK (2 minutes)

 ECS AM&PK (2 minutes) - ECS AM&PK (1 minute) - ECS AM&PK (2 minutes)

ECS PM (3 minutes) - ECS PM (6 minutes) - ECS PM (3 minutes) ECS PM (3 minutes)

Grade 1 (40 seconds)  -  Grade 1 (6 minutes)  -  Grade 1 (10 minutes)

Grade 2 (9minutes)  -  Grade 2 (4minutes)  -  Grade 2 (5 minutes)  -  Grade 2 (2minutes)

Grade 3 (13 minutes)  -  Grade 3 (3 minutes)  -  Grade 3 (3 minutes)

Grade 4 (4 minutes)  -  Grade 4 (9 minutes)

Faith Day 2017

We enjoyed learning more about our faith and how to show our spirit today.