Religious Education

Religious Education

Catholic School Review 

In October 2015, ÉPK had the pleasure of participating in a Catholic School Review process for the purpose of creating a strategic plan for continuous school improvement.  The Catholic School Review process' ultimate goal is to impact student learning and to ensure that all children are successful.  The School Improvement process was developed by Alberta Education, specifically for Catholic Schools. We are delighted and overjoyed to share with you the results of our Catholic School Review, as it affirms the many best practices currently in place at ÉPK, and it highlights our very faith-filled, high quality learning environment where children are welcomed and feel they belong. 

We invite you to read the Catholic School Review Final Report to join in celebration and read the recommendations for continued growth and success. Merci to parents, staff and students who participated through surveys and interviews!  ÉPK Catholic School is an amazing environment for students to learn and grow!

A summary of the results of the review

Each of us working in Catholic schools is called to be Christ's spokesperson, enabling Him to be present through us!  In Catholic schools we work together with the family and parish to help young people mature into Disciples of Christ. 

Teachers strive to integrate their faith with their teaching and interactions with everyone.  A faith conviction that each child and person's dignity comes from being created in the image of God, is promoted throughout Catholic schools.  Our school Division's vision statement of "Seeing Christ in Everyone" challenges us to embrace every person as someone of immense worth and potential.

  • Religion classes - which are outlined in this document.
  • Prayer services (liturgies of the word and mass) at key points in the school year
  • Religious symbols, posters, icons, and art work etc.
  • School names, that tie into our faith, tradition and understanding.
  • Prayer at key times and events - over the intercom or in the classroom.
  • Faith-related professional development days, which may be district wide or school-based.
  • A full-time Religious Education Consultant.
  • A well-funded faith formation program for all staff to take courses focused mostly on Catholic theology, scripture, and morality.