Students at École Père Kenneth Kearns participate in many cultural activities and celebrate many of the national days throughout the school year.  Students receive a strong academic foundation as well as a strong cultural education in order to become responsible citizens.

Time/Bell Schedule

This can be found under the About tab - Bell Schedule.



We have a French/English library at our school. It has many various books at many different levels of reading in both French and English. 

We also have an online catalog to look for books.

Parents are welcome to come and borrow books from our library for extra reading.

Inclusive Student Group

The Church must be a place of mercy freely given, where everyone can feel welcomed, loved, forgiven and encouraged to live the good life of the Gospel.” - Pope Francis

 As Pope Francis models for us, we at ÉPK as an extension of our church, strive to ensure all students feel welcomed, loved and included.   In addition to our Student Leadership Team, we also have an Inclusive Student Group available for any students who may feel isolated or overwhelmed with feeling alone.  Please call Mme MacPherson at the school for more information.


School Policies

We are now into year three of École Père Kenneth Kearns.  Throughout this year we will continue to  collaboratively build and refine our identity.  

School Policies as stated in the front of student agendas.

Including, but not limited to, information on Emergency School Closures, Codes of Conduct, Food Alergies, Absences, and expectations of Student Behaviour.

Winter Weather

Fresh air and free play time are essential breaks for successful learning. Students will have normal outdoor recesses to a windchill of -22 degrees Celsius.  With windchill factors of -23 to -27 degrees Celsius, students will have outdoor recess, and the duration outdoor will be reduced.  When windchill factors are -28 degrees Celsius or lower, students will remain indoors.  

Please review Environment Canada data and winter weather recommendations relating to frostbite and hypothermia

Parents, thank you for your awareness of these practices and supporting the importance of outdoor fresh air free play.  Merci for ensuring that children attend school dressed appropriately with warm mittens, hats, snow pants, winter jackets, boots and scarves. Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! This is why recess matters in winter too!

  1. Spending time outside in the winter can lift children’s mood and prevent SAD. Winter depression
  2. Spending time outside gives kids vitamin D
  3. Kids who spend more time outside are less sick then kids stuck inside.
  4. Fresh Air makes kids able to concentrate better
  5. Outside is quieter and not as nosy as inside; reducing the stress level for children.
  6. Being active outside in active play gives children exercise.
  7. Exercise is good for the brain; we get better students
  8. Creating friendships and learning social behaviours
  9. Preventing Nature Deficit-Disorder; spending time outside connects children with the outside world.
  10. Kids who spend time outside in fresh air sleep better; better sleep makes better students.

Excerpt from