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If you have any questions about the different opportunities to contribute to the School Council, please contact any of the executive members or email

School Council Meetings will be held on the fourth (or fifth) Tuesday of every month at 7pm (with some exceptions). The meetings are held in-person in our school library.  To make life easier, some meetings may be held online during the colder months, weather depending. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. Find out first-hand how to get involved, and get an inside view of the why and how of ÉPK. 

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We encourage you to be an active participant in your child's learning.  It is known that children whose parents are involved in their child's school have a higher degree of success in school.  Parents are encouraged to volunteer for special faith and culture events.  

School Council Brochure

Thank You to the parents who are generously sharing their time and gifts to enrich the student's learning, faith and culture experiences at EPK. 

School Council Bylaws and Procedures

School Council cheques - When writing a cheque to the School Council, please make the cheques payable to the EPK School Association.

2023 - 2024 School Council Executive Team

Monique Gagnon – Acting Chair & Vice-Chair

Karla Ishida – Treasurer

Leanne Supeene-Pardy – Fundraising Chair

Karli Andreas – Secretary

Caring Corner Definition

The definition of “Caring Corner” and what our funds will be used for:

Caring Corner financially supports the children and families of EPK when the need
arises. Caring Corner supports the following but is not limited to: ensuring that all
children in EPK have extra snacks and/or lunch options available, paying for hot
lunch orders for those in need, and providing financial relief during holiday
seasons or when a family crisis may arise (financial relief would be in the form of
gift cards or purchase of necessary items, for example: food baskets). School
Council Executives work in conjunction with our Health and Wellness Support
Worker and EPK Administration to ensure the funds are properly distributed when
needed. Funds are only distributed when the amount and requirement of said
funds are discussed and agreed upon with the School Council Executives, School
Association members, the Health and Wellness Worker, and EPK Administration.